# Serious Servers Modded MC RULES

1. These Rules are always under revision, and may change with or without notification. It is the player's responsibility to know them.

2. It is prohibited to do any action purposefully to inflict harm on another player or impede his/her ability to have fun such that the action could be considered malicious.

3. Verbal / Non-Verbal Harassment of any sort is not and will not be tolerated.

4. Destruction of somebody's property, whether claimed or unclaimed, is not allowed.

1. If If not claimed:

1. First offence: Jail time up to 36 Hours can be implemented. Times may vary depending on responding staff member and severity of damages.

2. Second Offence: Player will be jailed for a minimum of 24 hours.

3. Third offence: Player will be banned.

4. If items returned to victim, sentence can be reduced to the time the victim feels is appropriate.

2. If land is claimed and items are stolen or griefed, culprit will receive a ban. One may appeal to be pardoned on the forums, but may not be pardoned if the player has any misnomers prior to the current issue.

5. No refunds are given for items lost due to crashes, player-caused glitches, mod errors, or violation of the rules.

6. Any action in which exploitations, glitches, or any other methods to bypass any of the protection systems or logging systems implemented will result in an instant ban that is no less than 72 hours, depending on responding staff member's assessment.

7. Attempts to bypass any protection or logging systems will result in a jail sentence of 24 hours.

8. PvP (Player versus Player) combat is not allowed, unless both players have agreed in advance, preferrably this agreement should in be in chat in game.

9. All players and staff are expected to give everyone the same level of respect.

10. Any instances of "spamming" or “inappropriate behavior” with other players will not be tolerated.

1. First instance: upon the first instance of any player spamming, player will be warned

2. Second Instance: Upon the second instance, the player will be muted for 10 to 20 minutes

3. Third Instance: Upon the third instance, the player will receive a 24 hour muted

4. Fourth Instance: If player continues, they will receive a permanent mute.

11. Any player found lying to staff will instantly get a 24 hour jail sentence. Additional time will be added for continuing to lie.

12. No quarries of any type in the Overworld, The End, The Moon, or Mars. Quarries are only permitted in worlds that scheduled resets occur in.

13. If a situation impacts the server in a way which would hinder its growth or stability the administration has the right to bend, amend to, or override any of these rules.